About Ernesto Rangel

Ernesto RangelErnesto Rangel of Venezuela is a highly experienced global entrepreneur in the financial area. He is one of the partners of Lifeinvest Wealth Management, an investment advisory company that does broad operations out of the United States. His prior experience placed him in iconic institutions including Citibank, Morgan Stanley and Bear Stearns.

Mr. Rangel’s longstanding passion for driving cultural and economic prosperity in Venezuela has led to his membership in Caracas Chamber of Commerce and his Director position at Cultura Chacao, an entity that is responsible for the most important cultural activities in Caracas. He also directed the music festival Caracas en Contratiempo. He is the Co-Founder of Universidad Metropolitana Scholarship in Venezuela, which helps 500 students currently. Mr. Rangel currently sits on the advisory board of Columbia University’s Institute of Latin American Studies.

Mr. Rangel is also the co-founder of Guataca, a music platform that aims to spread the talent of Venezuelan emerging musicians. Under Mr. Rangel’s tutelage, Guataca has gone global; “Guataca Nights” have been held in places such as Madrid, Barcelona, Miami, Houston, Orlando, and and Panama.

Ernesto Rangel running
Ernesto Rangel 

In addition to these endeavors, Mr. Rangel enjoys marathon running. He has run the New York Marathon numerous times and worked as an editor of the book “With the soul in your feet” (Con el alma en los pies). This is a photography book with interviews with the most influential runners of Venezuela.